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I’ve just started using Tea Sister’s Digest and Soothe and I have never felt so good! I highly recommend to anyone with gut problems to give Digest and Soothe a try! Not only has it been making me feel better, but it is also delicious! Thank you, Tea Sisters, you are amazing! – ASHLEY
I am obsessed with tea sisters! The immune tea is delicious as well as doing wonders for my health. 10/10 would recommend to anyone. -SAMI
Absolutely loving Tea Sisters! They have a great range of high-quality teas for whatever you’re needing! My favourite is Energise & Inspire ☺️ Not only that, the customer service is great, and I love supporting my locals. I definitely recommend trying Tea Sisters and becoming a part of the TS community! 🤍 – KYLA
I’m so happy I discovered Tea Sisters. All their teas have the most amazing health benefits. I’ve added them to my everyday routine I love them so much. Energise & Inspire is my absolute favourite it’s so refreshing. I have referred Tea Sisters to all my friends and family!! - KYRA
I really enjoy all of the Tea Sisters teas. The packaging is so lovely the tea sits so nicely on my kitchen bench at home. I had some visitors, and it was so nice to be able to offer them a quality great tasting tea. It really makes little catch ups at home that little bit more special. The Relax and Renew tea is my absolute favourite. I enjoy one at night and it always leaves me feeling relaxed and calm. Great Teas I highly recommended!! ❤️ - ALYSHIA
Nourish & Glow is definitely my favourite. The fact you can drink it as an iced tea also is fabulous. It looks so pretty and has a great aromatic taste. Even better you know it’s doing wonders for your skin. – MELANIE
I have been drinking the digest and smooth blend for over a month now and I can notice a big difference drinking the tea after a big meal, my bloating reduces dramatically and stops my stomach pains. Absolutely love Tea Sisters and supporting the locals! ❤️❤️ -DENVER
I’ve had trouble with restless sleep, waking during the night and not being able to get back to sleep quickly which results in waking tired. There are so many products out there that profess to give you a good night’s sleep so you can imagine my excitement when I saw the 100% organic Unwind and Dream tea...the first one I tried and there is no looking back for me now! Not only does it taste amazing but the first time I had it, it put me on a cloud, and I had one of the most restful sleeps in a long time. I thought maybe it was mind over matter the first try but it has continued to aid in a great, solid sleep and I feel relaxed and refreshed the next morning. Nourish and Glow is my next favourite.... it’s great cold, very refreshing and I love the colour. - MICHELLE
The Tea Sisters blends are my new favourite! Unwind and Dream has become my go to before bed, a delicious comforting blend that helps me wind down and relax after a long day 💜 ELISE
Tea Sisters is an absolute life changer!  Destress & Refresh is my go-to lunch time tea on a busy day, helps calm my anxiety and gets me through! – TARA
Like the name suggests, Nourish and Glow is flavoursome and aromatic, helping you glow from the inside out! Served as an iced tea, it’s a yummy, refreshing summertime drink that leaves you feeling energized and revitalized 💕 - ELISE
My favourite of the Tea Sisters range is the Digest and soothe! Having this iced tea after a big breakfast or lunch helps me feel lighter and fresher to continue on with my day! To those who hate feeling big and bloated after eating, I definitely recommend giving this tea a try! 🤍 -LILY
All your teas looked and sounded so amazing I could not decide which one to buy so having the option of your beautifully presented trial pack is a fantastic idea, the packaging is so well thought out and the personal touches make it very special. Needless to say, I now have ALL your teas! - MICHELLE

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