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Our Story

"It's Time To Fill Your Cup"

Hello Beautiful,

I am so grateful you have found Tea Sisters; we are dedicated to helping you be the best version of you, it’s time to put yourself first and fill up your cup.

I would like to introduce myself and give you a little bit of a background on me and what brought this crazy brand to life. My name is Natalie Pass and I am the founder of Tea Sisters, this amazing journey started as a passion which I then felt the need to share with the world.

It all began when my incredible older sister Lauren introduced me to herbal tea back in my teens, I loved all the sweet and fruity blends but honestly had never thought about the medicinal benefits of herbal tea until about 5 years ago.

I suffer from gluten & dairy intolerance however I’m a shocker and still eat these things every now and then because who can pass up real ice-cream and pasta. I wanted to create a brand that helps women and promotes a positive wellbeing and healthy lifestyle. 

No-one can feel sexy if they are constantly bloated.
You can’t feel motivated and driven if you’re always on edge.
How are you meant to feel fresh and inspired if you have had a terrible sleep? 

All of these things make us who we are and help us on our journey to a happy and healthy life. I want you to be able to feel sexy, motivated, refreshed and glowing. The way you feel can change your whole life.

Tea Sisters blends are made with love and are naturopath approved; each blend is specially formulated with the highest quality organic ingredients to help relieve many issues we women deal with. 

Let me help you to be the best version of you, join myself and our amazing community to work towards a healthier, happier and more inspired life.

Lots of Love

Nat xo

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